[ROP2] The internal rules of game

The rules of the game.
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[ROP2] The internal rules of game

Post by Mihai » Wed Feb 05, 2020 11:05 pm

General Rules
1. You are not allowed to have "H"/"GM"/"SA"/"GA" in your name, otherwise you risk getting permanently banned without being warned.
2. You are not allowed to pretend that you are a Staff member, otherwise you risk getting permanently banned.
3. Since this is a PvP server, players won't be punished as a result of their offensive language towards other players.
3.1 Offensive language towards Staff members is not tolerated and will be punished. Depending on the severity, you can get muted from 15 minutes to 4 hours.
4. You are not allowed to advertise other servers, otherwise you risk getting permanently banned.
5. It is forbidden to sell/buy items with real money. If you shout on global chat that you are looking to do so, you will be muted for 2 hours on the first strike and permanently banned on the second strike.
6. The ROP2 Staff will NEVER ask for your login data (username, password).
6.1 The Staff members do not get involved and do not take any responsibility for lost items/accounts. It's strictly your responsibility to secure your account.
6.2 The Staff team is not responsible for losing your items via trades with clones or friends who are not willing to give you back items that you've borrowed to them.
7. If you found a bug, report it! It is forbidden to use it to your benefit. Violation of this rule will result in blocking your game account.
8. Sharing any kind of videos on the chat that are not related to ROP2 can get you muted from 30 minutes to 4 hours.
9. You are not allowed to attack players who are duelling. If you break this rule, you will be sent to Map1 on the first strike and you risk to get temporary banned on the following strikes.
10. You are not allowed to start a guild war only to win chests / boost your guild points. Breaking this rule will result in having your guild points reset and can also get you temporary banned.
11. The trades between servers is allowed.
12. You are not allowed to have similar names to other players with the purpose of obtaining items. (clones)
13. Using any kinds of hacks will lead to having your account permanently banned.

Staff Regulations
1. A Staff member is not allowed to use an offensive language towards players, otherwise they risk being warned.
2. A Staff members is not allowed to abuse their mute/kick/Map1 commands, the limits being the following:
- a mute shouldn't exceed 4 hours
- you shouldn't get kicked more than 5 times
- you shouldn't be sent to Map1 more than 5 times
Any punishments that exceed these limits will be considered an abuse and will result in a warning.
3. A Staff member should have a civilised language when interacting with players.
4. A Staff member should always have proof when punishing players.

If you think that a Staff member didn't respect any of these rules you can fill in a complaint here and a higher-ups will decide whether the punishment given by the Staff members were rightfully accorded or not. The Staff members who abuse their commands will be punished accordingly.
When a Staff member reaches 3 warnings, he will be eliminated from the Staff Team.

Regulament general:
1. Nu aveti voie sa faceti caractere cu nume ce contin "H"/"GM"/"SA"/"GA", in caz contrar riscati sa primiti ban permanent fara a fi avertizat !
2. Nu aveti voie voie sa pretindeti ca sunteti membru staff, in caz contrar riscati sa primiti ban permanent !
3. Fiind un server pvp, limbajul este liber, nu veti fi sanctionati pentru limbajul vulgar folosit cu alti playeri.
3.1. Limbajul ofensator/vulgar catre un membru staff va fi sanctionat cu blocarea chatului de la 15 minute pana la 4 ore(in functie de gravitate).
4. Nu aveti voie sa faceti reclama la alte servere, in caz contrar riscati sa primiti ban permanent.
5. Este interzis sa vindeti/cumparati iteme cu bani reali, daca anuntati pe striga ca doriti sa cumparati/vindeti iteme pe bani reali o sa primiti
mute 2 ore la prima abatere, iar la a doua abatere o sa primiti ban permanent.
6. Staff-ul nu se implica si nu isi asuma raspunderea pentru itemele/conturile pierdute, fiecare jucator are responsabilitatea de a-si securiza contul.
6.1. Staff-ul nu raspunde de pierderea itemelor prin negotul cu clone sau daca oferiti iteme unor prieteni si nu vi le returneaza.
7. Daca descoperi un bug, raporteaza-l! Este interzis sa il folosesti in avantajul tau, iar incalcarea acestei reguli duce la banarea contului din joc.
8. Echipa ROP2 nu-ti va cere NICIODATA datele de logare (nume, parola).
9. Distribuirea oricarui clip pe chat care nu are legatura cu ROP2 se poate pedepsi cu blocarea chatului de la 30 de minute pana la 4 ore.
10. Nu ai voie sa ataci jucatorii in timp ce acestia sunt in duel, in caz contrar o sa fiti trimisi in map1 la prima abatere, iar la a doua abatere riscati sa primiti
ban temporar.
11. Nu ai voie sa dai waruri cu propria breasla pentru a castiga puncte/cufere, in caz contrar riscati banarea temporara a contului + resetarea punctelor.
12. Este permis negotul cu alte servere.
13. Folosirea hack-urilor de orice tip conduce la banarea permanenta a contului.
14. Nu ai voie sa faci caractere cu nume asemanatoare jucatorilor pentru a obtine iteme.(clone)

Regulament pentru staff:
1. Un membru staff nu are voie sa jigneasca sau sa vorbeasca intr-un mod urat cu un jucator, in caz contrar risca avertisment.
2. Un membru staff nu are voie sa faca abuz de mute/kick/trimis map1:
- blocarea chatului maxim 4 ore.
- kick maxim 5 ori.
- trimis map1 5 ori.
Orice sanctiune depaseste aceste limite se va considera abuz si se va sanctiona cu avertisment.
3. Un membru staff trebuie sa aiba un limbaj civilizat in interactiunea cu jucatorii.
4. Un membru staff trebuie sa aiba o dovada pentru orice sanctiune aplicata jucatorilor.

In cazul in care un membru staff nu respecta aceste reguli puteti sa il reclamati in sectiunea de reclamatii staff iar acesta va fi sanctionat corespunzator.
In momentul in care un membru staff are 3 avertismente, acesta este eliminat din staff.